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Brother Russell's Western Tour

IN ACCORDANCE with the brief announcement in the January 15th TOWER arrangements are being completed as fast as possible for this long Trans-Continental Tour of over 7,000 miles.

ROUTE.--Stops will be made and Brother Russell will speak at Conventions of the International Bible Students Association at Indianapolis, St. Louis, Kansas City, Wichita, Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Denver, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, Portland, Tacoma, Seattle, Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg and Duluth.

ITINERARY.--All the details for the movement of the party are in the hands of Brother L. W. Jones, M.D., 3003 Walnut street, Chicago, Ill. We are just in receipt from him of a beautiful Itinerary, giving full particulars regarding the various features and arrangements of the trip, route, Convention stops, rates, etc.

SPECIAL TRAIN.--It is proposed to use an entire SPECIAL TRAIN, consisting of several cars, in which the party will travel as one large family, eating and sleeping on the train for practically the entire journey of over a month, beginning June 9th, the date Brother Russell leaves Brooklyn. The train will consist of Compartment, Standard Pullman and Tourist Cars, providing for seven different grades of accommodations, according to the needs, desires and pocket-books of those participating.

MEALS.--Each price includes 64 meals for each. A refund will be made if less than 64 meals are eaten on the train. Other meals may be had at the various places where Conventions are held. The several grades follow:--

One entire compartment for one person, with 64 meals, $237.

One entire compartment for two people, 64 meals each, rate each, $141.

One entire compartment for three people, 64 meals each, rate each, $109.

One section in Pullman for one, 64 meals, rate, $157.

One section in Pullman for two people, 64 meals each, rate each, $93.

Half section in Pullman for one person, 64 meals, rate, $93. [R4788 : page 93]

One section in Tourist for one person, 64 meals, rate, $109.

One section in Tourist for two people, 64 meals each, rate each, $69.

Half section in Tourist for one person, 64 meals, rate, $69.

RAILROAD FARE.--The railroad fare is additional to the above prices. The round-trip rate from Chicago and return to Chicago is $77.50.

DEPOSIT.--As large contracts must be made in advance for the cars, supplies, etc., a deposit of $50 will be required from each.

EARLY ACTION.--The magnitude of such a movement is little appreciated by those unaccustomed to arrange for such things, and in order to know what contracts to make and how to provide the best possible service at a minimum of cost for each and every one, it is essential that it be known as soon as possible how many will take advantage of this special service. Another reason why early reservations should be made on this Special Train is that quite a number are desirous of joining en route for [R4789 : page 93] a portion of the journey, but it is difficult to give them very definite information until there is some idea as to the size of the main party who will take the entire trip. It will, therefore, be rendering a favor and service to those dear brethren who can go only a portion of the way, if those who can go all the way will make reservations IMMEDIATELY.

Brother Jones URGENTLY REQUESTS those who contemplate going that they get into communication WITH HIM AT ONCE. He will be pleased to take up the matter with such in detail.

We publish above the information in full so that all who may not only desire to be of the party, in spirit, but who also find themselves so circumstanced that they can participate personally in the trip, may fully know of its financial cost to them and be better able to determine whether it will be pleasing to the Lord for them to join the party. We urge that all who take this trip should do so filled with the spirit of Truth--meekness, gentleness, patience, long-suffering, brotherly kindness, love.

W.T. R-4788 b : page 92 – 1911 r.

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